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Why Use a Chromebook for Education?

Why Use a Chromebook for Education?

Save Money
The hardware is a third of the price of most laptops. You will also make significant savings on systems administration and maintenence, resulting in a cost reduction of up to 80% over 3 years when compared to PCs.
Save Time
The universal administrative functions allow for modifying user settings, adding or removing applications and updating browsing restrictions on all of the Chromebooks at once; greatly reducing the time needed for the initial deployment, along with ongoing administration and support tasks. Since all work is automatically stored in the cloud and updates are applied automatically, time spent on system backups and patches will also become a thing of the past.
Be Secure
Chromebooks are much more secure than a typical computing environment. The devices can be configured to only allow logins from your chosen domain, and they contain multiple levels of security, including:

A defence tool that means each tab opened runs in an isolated environment, or sandbox, so that any potential virus on an infected website is contained within the tab.Verified Boot
An automatic check that runs every time a Chromebook is started up. This check will identify and fix viruses attempting to infect the Chromebook.Data encryption
Chrome OS uses the eCryptfs encrypting file system. This ensures that other users cannot read your local data, and that the data cannot be acquired by ripping out the Chromebook’s hard drive and accessing it.

Work Faster
Chromebooks start instantly when they are turned on and are ready to use within 8 seconds, as opposed to a legacy environment that keeps users, and the entire class, waiting for a number of applications to start up in the background. Great for when the devices need to be constantly closed and opened, allowing for class interaction to occur without delays.

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