Simplify Leasing with Archangel Financial

Maximize your IT budget while deploying devices faster.

Technology has changed the way students learn. Archangel Financial realizes that budgets don’t always have room to upgrade or deploy new hardware as quickly as you’d like. Leasing devices allows your school to acquire the latest models at a lower cost that fits within budgetary constraints.

Archangel Financial doesn’t use third-party banks or financial institutions to service leases. Instead, we hold all lease notes directly with the school, and the leases are never sold. By removing the middleman, Archangel Financial can offer lower rates. Holding the note also allows us the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Archangel Financial operates on good faith above all else.

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Types of Leases We Offer

$1 Buy Out

In a $1 Buy Out lease, the school has the option to own the equipment at the end of the lease for a fee of $1 per device.
• Has a lower upfront cost compared with purchasing devices.
• Lock-in today’s prices and pay over time with future budget dollars.
• Best for schools that plan to keep the devices for a longer period of time.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

FMV leases provide an option to buy the devices at their fair market value or return them at the end of the lease term.
• Offers the lowest upfront cost.
• Reduces the overall cost of ownership.
• Useful to manage future upgrades so devices never become obsolete.

Why lease from Archangel Financial?



Always have the latest model by renewing the lease to receive all new equipment. Or you can choose to purchase or return the devices at the end of the lease.

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Upfront Costs

Archangel Financial offers 100% financing with no money down and low rates to save even more money. Leasing reduces upfront costs, freeing up money for other expenses.


Purchasing Power

Leasing lowers the overall cost of ownership and helps your school deploy a larger number of devices today instead of making multiple purchases over time.


Payments and Flexibility

Lease terms can be tailored to fit any budget, no matter the size. Choose the payment structure that best matches your needs: monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.

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St. Agnes School, Arlington VA

"We’ve been a customer for years. Archangel Tablets helps our classrooms stay current with all the latest equipment. They save us money on all of our technology purchases."

St. Martha School, Philadelphia PA

"It was such an easy ordering experience. The folks at Archangel Tablets guided us through several options to help us find the best solution for our teachers and students."

Lafayette County School District, Oxford, MS

"Archangel Tablets has been an absolute pleasure to work with on multiple occasions now. They bent over backward to accommodate my district's needs and I highly recommend them."

St. Michael’s Episcopal School, Richmond, VA

"Josh and his team are very responsive and really take care of their customers. They’ve been an invaluable asset in helping us go 1:1 and take the next step with our technology."

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